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Fleet Membership


Don’t have a sailboat of your own? Become a fleet member, and use a boat owned and maintained by APSC. You can take in the spectacular view of the Toronto skyline by sailing around the Toronto harbor and islands.

Check out the info below, or if you would like more information – or if you want to signup, contact, or

Fleet members will have full access to all of APSCs events and amenities. There are no voting rights. 


APSC currently has two Tanzer 22 for use by its fleet members.

All boats contain all required safety equipment including:

  • 4 adult lifejackets

  • Outboard Motor

  • Reboarding device

  • Buoyant heaving line

  • Flares

  • Anchor

  • Bailer or manual bilge pump

  • Sound-signalling device or appliance

  • Magnetic compass

  • Fire extinguisher

  • VHF Radio

Annual Membership: 

Annual Membership: $1,425 ($1,610.25 with HST)
Initiation Fee: $0
Work Hours: 10 hours


If the membership is terminated for operating the vessel in an unsafe manner, or to have willfully violated any of APSCs rules and regulations, no refunds will be given.


All fleet program members must:

  • Have proof of graduation from a recognized Sail Canada sailing course (or equivalent experience)

  • Have a PCOC card

  • Have a Toronto Port Authority Power Vessel Operator’s Permit (Harbour Licence)

  • Be a minimum 18 years of age

APSC may at its discretion conduct on-water evaluation of any fleet program member in order to determine their competency to safely skipper the vessel.

  • Access to all fleet boats

  • Membership rates to parties and other events

  • Priority (behind dormant members) on any waiting lists for mooring balls

  • Rights to use the clubhouse, washrooms, BBQs, and any other facilities APSC has to offer


Fleet program members can book a boat for ~4 hour increments. 

  • 9:00 – 13:15

  • 13:30 – 17:45

  • 18:00 – sunset

  • Overnight on mooring ball only 

  1. The boat must be on the mooring, and the dinghy returned by the end of their booking period, so the next member may immediately make use of the boat. 

  2. If the boat is returned early by the previous booking it may be taken early. It is the responsibility of member to ensure they have allotted enough time for transportation into the club (either by by the cart, or other means) to maximise their time on the boat.

  3. No night bookings will be permitted.

  4. All fleet members may pre-book up to 4 week-end slots, and an unlimited number of week-day slots.

  5. Any slots not booked 48 hours in advance may be booked by any fleet member, including booking multiple sequential slots.

  6. Bookings may be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance without penalty.

  7. Week-end bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the booking’s start time will not be credited. If a member books and cancels (within 48 hours) or does not show for an excessive number of bookings, the rest of their advanced bookings will be forfeited.


The safety of the member and passengers is the primary consideration.

  • Drinking on the boat at any time (Even at anchor) is strictly forbidden, and no person on board may be impaired.

  • Maximum of 5 persons may be on the boat. One of these persons must be the fleet member, who will remain responsible for the boat and its operation at all times.

  • Any COVID restrictions apply.

  • All persons onboard the boat must wear a lifejacket at all times unless below decks. 5 adult life jackets are provided, but all members and guests are encouraged to use their own. Children must be provided with life jackets that fit them.

  • Smoking or vaping of any substance is not allowed while on board.

  • The vessel must be operated at all times in accordance with all applicable laws including federal, provincial, municipal, and APSC bylaws.

  • It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure all required safety equipment is onboard and in working condition.

  • The boat may not leave Canadian waters or taken of premise overnight.

Boats may not be taken out if the forecast includes poor weather. If the weather turns while the boat is out, it must immediately return to APSC. If it can not return safely the skipper may find any other safe place to leave the boat – such as another club, or marina, and contact the boat captain or vice commodore as soon as possible via

Poor weather is defined as:

  • Wind over 20 kts

  • Lightning within 15 nm (From APSC, this would mean lightning anywhere from Mississauga to Scarborough)

  • Visibility less than 1 mile (From APSC the end of the spit, or OHM should be visible)

Checkout Process
  • A checkout form on shore (Usually in the duty officer’s station)  is required to be filled out with the names of the skipper and all passengers, the current time, and expected time of return. 

  • Upon completing the voyage, the form must be completed and signed indicating any new damage or problems. If the boat is unusable or unsafe the member is required to inform the Vice Commodore or boat captain as soon as possible. They can be contacted at or by phone (A contact list at the DO’s station lists all phone numbers)

  • There will be a checklist onboard. Every skipper is required to go through the checklist, and confirm that all equipment is in working order, and no new damage is visible before every sail.

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