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Zoom is a great tool, but does have limitations. It works best when one person speaks at a time. Because of this the following rules of order shall apply :


Everyone is muted by default, and must be un-muted by a moderator.

If you wish to speak, make a request in the zoom chat. The chair will recognize you in the order received and allow you to speak.

When you are recognized, you will be requested to unmute yourself. Simply click the unmute button, and everyone will be able to hear you. When your turn to speak is up, you will be muted again.



Time boxing allows us to get through the agenda, and still allow for multiple people to comment or ask questions.

A timer will be displayed as one of the participants (Which you can see in “Gallery mode”). It will have one timer for the topic, and another for the question. The timing for the topic can be decided before hand. By default topics have a total of 15 minutes (including questions), and questions/comments have a limit of 2 minutes. The times may be extended at the chair’s discretion.


Each director will be given 15 minutes to make their report and answer any questions or respond to comments.

Individuals asking questions or comments are given 2 minute each. The director can use any of their allotted time to respond.

Any outstanding questions should be revisited later in the meeting, or tabled for later meetings.

Agenda Items:

Time should be allocated ahead of time  and Indicated in the Agenda

If no time is indicated, the default is 15 minutes 

Individuals asking questions or comments are given 2 minute each

The presenter can answer to questions, but should refrain from responding to comments

At the end of the allotted time the question will be called (if a vote), or conversations moved to a separate meeting

New Business:

If there are no items for new business extra time can be used to re-visit items above at the chair’s discretion

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