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Dock Rules

Aquatic Park operates primarily as a mooring ball sailing club and with very limited docking space. It is essential for the safety and efficient operation of the club that all members adhere to the established dock rules.

  • The face dock is designated for brief 20-minute stops only, allowing for the pick-up or drop-off of people and supplies.

    • You must remain at the dock while your boat is moored there.

  • The sailboat-only docks accommodate longer stays.

    • You are required to be on club property while your boat is docked, unless you have received specific permission from the harbor master.

    • Given the limited space, please limit your stay.

    • No more than one consecutive overnight allowed.

  • The dinghy docks are intended long term use.

    • Secure your boat to the dock to prevent unauthorized use as a means to access other boats in the bay.

    • In the inflatable dinghy section:

      • Motors should be tilted down to avoid damage to other boats,

      • Gasoline should be stored in the designated gas shed.

    • The hardshell dinghy section:

      • Docks are for hardshell dinghies equipped with motors. 

      • If your boat does not have a motor, it should be stored in the gated dinghy compound.

      • Do not use the WEST side of the dock for storage.  This blocks people using the ramp

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