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Log your work hours

Welcome to the Aquatic Park Work Hour tracking system! Getting started is easy and can be done in just a few steps. Here’s how:

Sign Up Process

  • Using Any Email: To sign up, all you need is your email address. Simply enter your email, full name, and create a password of your choice to get started.

  • Using Gmail for a Quicker Sign-Up: If you have a Gmail account, you can sign up even more quickly! Just choose to log in with your existing Google account, and you're halfway there.

Linking Your Membership

  • Once signed up, the next step is to link your membership number to your account. This is crucial for accessing all the features our job board has to offer.

Navigating the Job Board

  • Signing Up for Scheduled Positions: Click "Job Board" to sign up for a variety of scheduled volunteer positions, including roles like shuttle driver or duty officer. Use the filter options to easily find the jobs that best match your interests and availability.

  • Logging Ad-Hoc Work: For less structured volunteer opportunities, such as helping to clean up around the clubhouse, select the “Log My Hours” option. This allows you to contribute at times that work best for you while still getting credit for your valuable contributions.

Tracking Your Work Hours

  • View Your Accumulated Hours: To see how many volunteer hours you’ve accumulated over the year, check the “My Hours” section. It's a great way to keep track of all the hard work you’ve put in!

  • Remember to Log Your Hours: It’s important to log your work hours within two weeks of completing your volunteer work. This helps ensure your hours are accurately recorded and acknowledged.

Click here to log your hours

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