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Your Second Home in the Toronto Area

A sailing club in a cottage setting in the heart of Toronto makes APSC unique. Being nature lovers, we embrace the solitude the club’s natural setting provides with all the comforts. Our clubhouse is powered by the latest technology in renewable solar energy.

Come and enjoy our sailing oasis in an urban wilderness!

Aquatic Park is a member-run, self-help, non-profit sailing club. We are members of the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF) ,Ontario Sailing. Sail Canada and the Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association (LOCCA)

We don’t have staff, and keep our membership rates as low as possible. Members are responsible for chipping in and doing their part in making the club run. There are a myriad of ways to contribute! From driving the weekend shuttle to cooking for parties, and handyman help to supervising races, there are so many ways our membership collectively make our club such a vibrant community.

Meet the team

With no monthly bar and restaurant fees, Aquatic Park reduces costs and enables you to save.  Our urban wilderness clubhouse (solar powered) has a self service (fully stocked) kitchen area and lounge area (with fireplace). We also have an awning covered deck area with propane barbecues, picnic tables and deck chairs. 

From the deck area, members can enjoy our sandy beach and the lovely view of our fleet bobbing at their mooring balls across our sheltered cove. 


Our water side clubhouse is next to a motor and gas storage sheds, oar house, secure/locked dinghy compound, and our communal docks – so you can get out on the water quickly and enjoy sailing. We have a large outdoor space where members and guests are able to  relax in the evening enjoying a typically cottage experience – just minutes from the city.

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