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2024 Elections 

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Thursday, November 16th AGM

On Thursday, November 16th, we will be conducting our yearly general meeting and elections at the clubhouse. While we will provide a ZOOM link for those who wish to join virtually, please note that voting through ZOOM won't be possible

  • ​Chief Duty Officer

  • Commodore 

  • Communication Director

  • Harbourmaster

  • House & Grounds

  • Member at Large

  • Membership Director

  • Race Director

  • Safety Director

  • Secretary

  • Social Director

  • Treasurer

  • Vice Commodore

Join Zoom Meeting

Time: Nov 16, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 881 4695 3485

Passcode: 462126

People running so far

Mike Rossiter: Commodore 

I am running for Commodore for a second term to continue the work and progress we have achieved this year. 2023 was an amazing season at APSC, with members coming together to enjoy all our club has to offer. Going forward into 2024, there are four key areas I would like to highlight to keep our club safe, happy, and prosperous:

Finances and Infrastructure. We have grown our revenues and are on a course to meet our infrastructure challenges. The reserve fund has functioned as intended and covered both the purchase of the new barge and the new docks, but next year it needs to be replenished. Continuing and expanding our new sources of revenue while maintaining a healthy membership level will be key. 

Clarity on rules and consistent enforcement. Our lease agreement with the TRCA is conditional on our following its terms. Member violations of driving rules or other lease stipulations must be dealt with consistently, quickly, and without bias.  The commodore’s role is to ensure these issues, and norms and rules about sharing our facility, are addressed in a timely manner.

Democratic decision making and transparency. Effectively chairing the executive and general meetings so that members know their voices are heard, and communicating about decisions and improvements to the membership are crucial aspects of the commodore’s job.

Supporting club culture through emphasis on social events and the race program. Post-covid, we have started to rebuild our vibrant and welcoming sailing culture. Thanks to our social and race committees we are again a place where families and friends want to share in their love of sailing together. This is the core of who we are, and it is the commodore’s job to see that those aspects of our club are supported and nurtured. 

If re-elected commodore, I promise to continue to work for the membership in these four key areas, and to represent the club effectively and honestly.

Gregory Graham: Membership Director

I would be honoured to again serve as APSC's Membership Director for the 2024 sailing season.  I have held this position for a number of years now.  During my tenure, I have played a role in establishing the Fleet Boat class of membership and the Paddlecraft class of membership with a view to broadening the Club's appeal to a wider audience and strengthening the Club generally.  I believe both of these two new additions to the Club have been an enormous success (thanks in large part to the Fleet Captain (Adam Melanson and before Adam, Bill Hutton) and to our Member-at-Large, Tim Kirkwood).  I would be happy to carry on as your Membership Director

Slawomir Domurat: House and Grounds

As director of House & Grounds, I will continue to make Aquatic Park feel like your second home.  I am proud of my accomplishments so far, and next year if elected my main goals will be building a roof over the main deck and building a garage for the golf cart

Katie Grundy: Treasurer

I'm planning to run again this year for Treasurer. For those who haven't met me yet I'm Katie, I love to sail, and I had the pleasure of serving as APSC Treasurer for 2023. In my non-sailing life I recently finished my master's at U of T and now work as a Nurse Practitioner. I've previously held various board positions in student organizations including Financial Director of a non-profit, and I now have 1 year of experience under my belt as APSC Treasurer. I think with the knowledge I've gained this year I can continue to be of service to this club we love so much. I know we accomplished a lot this past year but I also know it will be important to rebuild our financial reserves in 2024, so conscientious spending will be all the more important. Thanks for your support and I hope for your vote!

Fred Chevalier:  Race Director

I am thrilled to express my candidacy for the position of Race Director. Over the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as Race Director and have witnessed firsthand the incredible dedication and passion of our sailing community. 

With the exceptional teamwork of our racers, committee boat, and volunteers, we’ve had a journey of thrilling Wednesday races, weekend long races, and delightful dinners filled with laughter and shared tales of our Great Lake.

I humbly ask for your trust and the opportunity to continue leading our race program, and together, we’ll create yet another remarkable season on the water.

Fair winds and boundless enthusiasm,

Brian Burchell: Harbourmaster

I would welcome the opportunity to serve again in the Harbourmaster role in 2024. If re-elected, I undertake the following:


Maintaining a swing mooring field of roughly 100 balls requires constant vigilance. Annual monitoring and replacement of hardware as needed is necessary to keep our vessels safe from harm. The ground tackle from the lake bed block to the mooring ball needs a thorough inspection every 3-4 years. This means we should try and investigate roughly 30+ moorings a year. Often we are replacing ball, chain, shackles, and or mousing. All this keeps vessels from coming free and wreaking havoc in the field.

I maintain a database of the mooring field that goes back 21 years. It is built upon records of previous harbourmasters, including Marcus, Alex, and Barna. A triage-based system exists where the greatest risk moorings are addressed first, regardless if there are current vessels moored on them. We lift 2000lb blocks to the surface routinely. Chains and connections will corrode, and abrade under load, in an often unpredictable fashion, hence the need for ongoing inspection.

I am committed to this level of service.

Though it is far from ideal, we revived the existing barge into service for 2023. We repaired the lower part of the pontoons and with some hydraulic work have made it work.

The barge though needs replacement, and that project for a new one is well along with anticipated delivery soon. Given the hull treatments and design I expect this new barge to have a 30-year life span and be able to lift more blocks in a much shorter time frame and moreover be safer for our crew to work on. If re-elected I will ensure it is in operation during the 2024 sailing season.


The harbour job requires a team for the practical work and provides valuable assistance to other executive roles. A typical work day for the harbour crew is every other Friday we would meet as a group of 2-4 and tackle a list of priorities. The barge requires a minimum of two crew to operate and if we are moving member's boats around to service their moorings another two crew on a work boat to move the members' vessel. We typically lift the blocks for a thorough inspection right down to the blocks and sometimes relocate them.

Assembling a team of volunteers is critical for the harbour role to succeed. This year we expanded the list of volunteers to include a “clip board crew” doing top of ball inspections. This gave us important intel about sinking balls and threadbare mooring lines for example. I would continue with this approach as it includes more members and helps us identify the highest risk of mooring failure outside the existing database.

I have created and will maintain three moorings exclusively reserved for reciprocal visitors with lines already on.

Balls are 40, 42, and 111.

Membership Support

The mooring field is a dynamic place. Depending on winter conditions, the ice can pick up mooring balls and blocks together and move them. This changes the field map and potentially the proximity of one ball to another. Further, members are buying bigger boats; two side by side Tanzer 22 may now each have 30 footers on them, that could be a problem. A harbourmaster should be there to help solve the problem. Ensuring members have peace of mind regarding the security of their moorings is an ongoing priority for me.

I am prepared to serve with other directors working in a collaborative manner to maintain APSC as a safe and

welcoming sailing club.

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