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Shuttle Drivers 

Bonus work hours for statutory holidays

Shuttle Driver will receive 9 work hours per shift.

Members signing up for long weekend holiday shifts  will receive 10 work hours for the following dates:

  • May 24

  • July 1

  • August 2

  • September 6

  • October 11 

PLEASE NOTE:  one statutory holiday shift per boat limit.


The Shuttle Program is the lifeline of the club which provides transportation between the TRCA Welcome Center and parking area and the clubhouse.  The program provides hourly transportation for only members and guests. Our insurance policy and agreement with the TRCA stipulates that the transportation is NOT open to the public.


Shuttle service commence from the APSC Clubhouse 45 minutes after the hour.  ie, the first run departs the APSC Clubhouse at 8:45 am. The last scheduled outbound run is scheduled for 5:30 pm.


Services from the TRCA Welcome Center and parking area run on the hour.  ie,  first inbound shuttle will arrive at 9 am and will leave at 9:10 am. The final scheduled shuttle departs the TRCA Welcome Centre at 5:45 pm.


The driver also has a log and needs to fill it out. The driver log book can be found in the oar shed in the back room below where the keys are located. We require members and guests names to be logged.


The gas gauge does not work on the shuttle, so please remember to fill the gas tank before your first run.

The driver position is worth nine work hours.


The shuttle keys can be found in a lock-box in the oar shed in the back room.  The code is 1971.  

Driving Instructions


The APSC Shuttle Service is an important program for the club operations. We appreciate all the members who have taken time to be drivers and for your constant conscientious driving behaviour on the spit.  Please note the following:

  1. The driver must abstain from intoxicants during the hours of his or her shift. If the driver drinks before 9 AM or during the shift he or she will be replaced.

  2. The cart must be driven responsibly and the driver must drive defensively. We are the only motorized vehicle allowed on the spit during park open hours. This privilege can be revoked in a heartbeat. One serious complaint or incident against us and it could all go away.

  3. As the driver of the cart, it is your responsibility to give way to pedestrians or cyclists on the spit at all times. As drivers, please remember that some cyclists and pedestrians simply do not pay attention to the rules of the road.

  4. The shuttle is to be driven at a reasonable and comfortable speed for the passengers. The cart must slow down and proceed at a speed comfortable to the passengers for all potholes, hills and speed bumps. The cart must not bounce as it is being driven. If the cart is bouncing it is going too fast. Bouncing will endanger the passengers and their baggage as well as the cart. The cart must be slowed down for all sharp turns as it is possible to throw somebody out of the seat as the cart makes the turn at the top of the hill.

  5. To protect ourselves as drivers, we need to think and drive carefully keeping in mind that there are no seatbelts and any sudden stops and bouncing can throw the passengers around causing fear and possible injury.

  6. Drivers must be very cautious when coming out of our road onto the main pavement. With limited visibility due to the steep incline and the grown over the bush, it is very easy for a driver to judge the speed of a cyclist. A new parabolic mirror is located at the top of the access road.

  7. Special care should be taken at the entrance of the park where the drive must negotiate a U-turn in busy pedestrian traffic. This is the most likely place for an accident to happen.

  8. There is no designated space at the gate for the cart to turn around or stop. The driver must take into consideration all traffic when they turn, stop, or start up.

  9. Driving the cart recklessly damages it and generally puts it in disrepair. We all have to pay for the repairs and the cart could end up being disabled thus stopping the weekend service. The 2021 replacement cost for the shuttle cart is $25,000.00 so please drive with care.

  10. Remember that cyclists and pedestrians are not watching out for you.

  11. The cart moves too slowly to need seatbelts but fast enough to hurt somebody if they fall off, get bumped or runover so no horseplay, pushing or shoving on the cart. Avoid sudden stops because it can throw the passengers forward.

  12. Driver has the right to refuse passage on the cart. The driver is responsible for the passengers and vehicle so he/she makes the final call. No drunken or rowdy behaviour on the cart. No acting up or abusive behaviour from the passengers. The driver has the right and responsibility to call police on in-cooperative or demanding passengers.

  13. No picking up non-APSC passengers….the TRCA does not want us to do this and for insurance reasons; only our members and guests are covered by our policy.

  14. It takes about 10 minutes to drive each direction and a ten minute wait at the gate. The time between runs seems to average 20 to 30 minutes. If a second run is to be made it must be done immediately.

  15. No honking the horn close to pedestrians or cyclists, except in emergency, or bullying them out of the way.

  16. Watch out for the pot holes and speed bumps; the cart has very little suspension.

  17. At the end of the day, carefully put the shuttle away covered and locked as you found it and put the keys back.

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